Seasonal Wellness Guide

Seasonal flu prevention and treatment can keep you and your family healthy during winter and throughout the year. With a straight forward strategy and some well-chosen supplements, you can maintain seasonal wellness and vitality while supporting numerous other areas of health in the process.


Pure Honokiol Guide

Pure Honokiol is a potent botanical extract derived from the bark of magnolia officinalis, a staple of Traditional Asian medicine. Today, advanced natural extraction methods have made 98% pure Honokiol available as a remarkable antioxidant supplement, proven to support cellular longevity, cognitive function, a healthy mood and even provide powerful anti-inflammatory support following intense exercise. Learn how this versatile healer can promote optimal long term health, naturally.


Prostate Health Guide

Prostate health is one of the most critical areas of men’s health today. Numerous integrative solutions can support and maintain long term prostate health, helping you to dramatically improve your quality of life and overall sense of well-being.


Natural Detox Guide

The truth is, it’s impossible to avoid exposure to heavy metals. You can protect yourself with safe, gentle chelation. Learn how MCP and alginates bind and eliminate toxins and keep you healthy and toxin free.


Modified Citrus Pectin Guide

Discover why leading health authorities recommend Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) as a daily supplement. With nearly two decades of scientific and clinical research, MCP offers invaluable support for our most critical areas of health.


Metabolic Health Guide

By recognizing the earliest signs of metabolic health issues—and taking the right critical steps to strengthen your systems —you can effectively support blood sugar balance, insulin function and a healthy weight. No drugs required.


Immune Health Guide

Whether you are looking for active immune support or long term maintenance, there’s no more powerful weapon in nature’s arsenal than medicinal mushrooms. Learn how these remarkable natural healers can support the foundation of your health and vitality.


Heart Health Guide

We all know how crucial our heart is to our health. This guide offers proven advice to support and maintain long-term cardiovascular and heart health, safely and naturally.


Digestive Health Guide

Restoring good digestion isn’t always a quick process—but it can be easy, once you know where to start. There are safe, natural, and effective digestive aids available to you that have been used successfully for centuries, if you just know what to look for.


Breast Health Guide

Whether you want to know exactly what those diagnostic tests are telling you, or you simply want to learn more about the alternative breast care therapies available to you, this guide will have the answers you’re looking for.