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Detox & Cleansing

Mold Toxins—A Hidden Threat to Health and Vitality

      Do you struggle with mysterious symptoms that persist, despite your best efforts? Maybe you’re dealing with frequent allergies, or other signs of immune dysregulation. Or perhaps, like so many, you don’t seem Read More »

Body Systems

What Works for Fibromyalgia?

Not long ago, many conventional health providers believed that fibromyalgia, a debilitatingly painful condition, was “all in your head.” Because researchers couldn’t pin down this elusive diagnosis, symptoms were often classified as “mental.”     Now, Read More »

Mind Body

Mastering the Art of Mind-Body Healing — Your Path to Optimal Health

As an integrative physician and meditation practitioner with decades of experience working with cancer and complex conditions, I am confident that meditation and mind-body exercises can offer us the keys to unlock our deepest healing potential. Published research into the remarkable health benefits of Read More »

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