Timely News for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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Timely News for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Botanical Formula Delivers Powerful Support for Breast Health

Read Dr. Eliaz‘s article published the October 2012 issue of the Nutraceutical Business & Technology Journal, reprinted here for our readers:

Not long ago, there was a stark dividing line between pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements. The perception was that pharmaceuticals are intensely researched (which they are) and highly effective (but not as often as we’re sometimes promised). On the other hand, claims made about nutritional supplements were thought to be based entirely on anecdotal evidence and long-standing cultural traditions. But in recent years, the substantial upsurge in research and clinical applications within the field of integrative medicine has broadened this perception. As a result, the divisive paradigm separating conventional medicine and alternative is gradually shifting to include natural therapies validated by peer reviewed science. One emerging term which represents this integration of allopathic and complementary/alternative medicines, is the word “nutraceutical,” used to describe a medicine-grade supplement backed by substantial published research. As more scientific studies have been devoted to nutrition, and sophisticated technologies like genomic sequencing applied in such investigations, we have learned a great deal about how the foods we eat, and the supplements we take, affect us on a molecular level. I have been involved in such research for over 20 years and, in addition, have seen many nutraceutical preparations make an important difference in my medical practice.

The Research

One such nutraceutical formula demonstrating important preclinical results in published trials, is an integrative, nutraceutical supplement designed specifically to promote breast cellular health. Since the formula’s inception in 2010, it has been independently researched, with pre-clinical results published in peer reviewed journals demonstrating its ability to slow aggressive breast cancer.1,2,3

Perhaps the most significant attribute of this integrative formula is its proven ability to fight breast cancer metastasis. In the most recent study, presented at the American Academy of Cancer Research (AACR), scientists at Indiana University Health’s Cancer Research Laboratory found that the formula slows highly invasive human breast cancer growth and inhibits breast to lung metastasis in mice.1 The ability to control metastasis is critical. As many as 90 percent of all cancer deaths are attributed to this uncontrolled invasion.

In this study, researchers implanted highly invasive, triple-negative human breast cancer cells (MDA-MB-231) in the breast tissue of mice, which were then given the botanical breast formula orally for four weeks. Results found that the breast cancer metastasized in 70 percent of controls but only 20 percent of treated mice. In the treated mice that did develop metastasis, the number of metastases per animal was significantly reduced by the formula.

Digging deeper, the researchers found that the formula partially blocks two well-known cancer-promoting genes (PLAU and CXCR4). Both of these genes have been implicated in metastasis, so decreasing their expression is of critical importance in treating aggressive cancer. Without metastasis, cancer becomes a localized phenomenon that can often be removed surgically or treated with radiation, chemotherapy or an integrative approach which draws on diverse medical modalities.

Equally significant, the formula produced no detectable side-effects. Given the rigors caused by many traditional cancer treatments, this is very good news indeed.

This was the third peer-reviewed pre-clinical study to demonstrate the formula’s anti-cancer/anti-metastasis activity. Further studies on this formula are underway. However, there is still a great deal of work to be done. Ultimately, I envision botanical formulas like this being used side by side with new pharmaceuticals which will also target the genetic underpinnings of cancer. The result will be more effective treatments and fewer side effects.

Formula Details

This formula is a combination of specific nutrients shown to protect breast cells, support hormone metabolism and enhance immunity.

The formula includes a highly absorbable form of turmeric extract; the antioxidant Quercetin; a proprietary extract of Scutellaria barbata, and Astragalus extract; medicinal mushrooms Trametes versicolor (Coriolus), Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), and Phellinus linteus which are grown on an immune enhancing and cellular supporting botanical mixture; and the indole diindolylmethane (DIM).

DIM is particularly significant. The compound is a common byproduct from digesting cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and others. Research shows that DIM supports the immune system and helps balance out our hormones, estrogen in particular. Estrogen breaks down into a variety of different metabolites, some of which are quite beneficial, providing anti-oxidant support. Other metabolites can derail cellular health. You might liken this to cholesterol: You want to raise the beneficial types and reduce the detrimental metabolites. DIM achieves this balance for estrogen.

Each of the ingredients in this formula has been extensively researched on their own. But what was very interesting to me as a holistic, integrative physician and healer, is that the researchers studying this formula were able to demonstrate a synergistic effect between the ingredients. Such synergy allows results that would not be achieved by each ingredient alone, at the dosages in which they are present in the formula. This is of specific importance because the synergistic effect goes beyond just the interaction of ingredients within a formula.

Synergy is at the foundation of mind-body medicine; it’s about understanding the person as a whole and it’s what the holistic interactions between different organs, emotions and systems of the body, are based on. Part of my commitment to integrative medicine is to find therapies which reflect these holistic principles within a formula’s design, showing synergistic effects and benefiting numerous critical areas of health simultaneously.

Walls Torn Down

Investigations like the Indiana University studies affirm what many of us have suspected for decades: Thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal lore carry a great deal of truth. While it was easy in the past to dismiss botanical formulas due to “lack of evidence,” that line of reasoning is becoming much more difficult to sustain.

This is only one example. There are numerous therapeutic natural resources available to us. Some are being uncovered even as this is being written. These solutions will provide the additional tools we need in the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, autoimmune disorders and many other conditions.


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See it printed in the Nutraceutical Business & Technology Journal here:

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  1. I was very encouraged by the breast formula but then read on another website MarnieClark.com that it had been discovered that DIM was not as effective and promising as originally reported. Have y’all heard anything negative about DIM? That’s very disappointing if it’s true.

    • DIM has been shown to promote healthy estrogen metabolism. Estrogens as they get metabolized in the body often go down “pathways” that produce metabolic estrogenic compounds that can be stronger than the original estrogen and more stimulatory. This is where DIM exerts protective effects. It is very synergistic when used in combination with other botanicals, cruciferous vegetable extracts, etc which work well together. If you have a particular research article discussing DIM’s effectiveness that you would like to send to us, we would be happy to review it.

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