New Hope for Deadly Cancer

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New Hope for Deadly Cancer

Research on Targeted Botanicals for Breast Cancer

In my own clinical practice, I have seen remarkable results with breast cancer patients using a combination of targeted botanicals and integrative approaches. In fact it has been my experience that healing is greatly increased when women follow a synergistic path that strategically combines the best of both conventional and holistic treatments.

While standard modern medicine may struggle to provide long-term health options for women with serious breast cancer, there is good news from the natural health world that I am incredibly excited to share with you.

Triple Negative is the Deadliest Form of Breast Cancer

Triple negative breast cancer is the most aggressive and deadly type of breast cancer and carries a very high risk of early metastasis. Current treatment for triple negative breast cancer is extremely limited; and after conventional treatment many women have few viable options that can help them stay cancer free.

Groundbreaking Breast Cancer Formula Study

In a study conducted at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute, Indiana University Health, my botanically based Integrative Breast Formula has been shown to:
• Inhibit highly aggressive and deadly breast cancer metastasis
• Slow cancer growth
• Suppress cancer genes
• Offer safe and non-toxic support for breast and overall health

Breast Cancer Formula Study Results

The researchers demonstrated that this specialized formula slows highly aggressive triple negative human breast cancer and inhibits breast-to-lung metastasis in vivo. Using a model which mimics the clinical progression of triple negative breast cancer as it develops and metastasizes in patients, results showed that the formula significantly decreased tumor growth and breast-to-lung metastasis.

Formula Reduced Metastasis

The cancer metastasized to the lungs in only 20% of the treated group as compared to 67% of the untreated, control group. Therefore the formula significantly decreased incidence of breast to lung metastasis by 70%. Furthermore, in the treatment group that did metastasize, the number and size of the lesions was dramatically reduced in comparison to the control group.

Genetic Analysis

Gene analysis showed that the formula down regulated (suppressed and reduced) two genes implicated in cancer metastasis — PLAU (urokinase plasminogen activator, uPA) and CXCR4 (C-X-C chemokine receptor-4). These results further substantiate previous cancer cell studies published on this formula, which similarly demonstrated a down regulation of these cancer promoting genes.

Biological Therapeutic Agent

“In this study we showed that the formula is not toxic and its oral application significantly suppresses tumor size, and dramatically inhibits breast-to-lung cancer metastasis,” says Daniel Sliva, Ph.D., lead author on the study. “This formula may be considered as a biological therapeutic agent against invasive breast cancer, including aggressive triple negative breast cancer. It can potentially increase survival of breast cancer patients who currently have limited or no treatment options available within conventional oncology.”

*The study (click to read) was presented at the prestigious annual meeting of the American Academy for Cancer Research and has just been published in the journal Oncology Reports. This is the third peer-reviewed study demonstrating the anticancer effects of this formula.

Click here to read my guide on Integrative Breast Cancer Therapies

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  1. I am impressed with your latest findings regarding Breast Cancer, and am wondering if there is anything promising Re : Prostate Cancer breakthroughs. Sincerely, Ron Legato

    • Hello Ron,

      Thank you for your comment! There has been a fourth peer-reviewed study published recently on Dr. Eliaz’s prostate formula; here is a link to our collection of prostate research: /research-library.

      If you are interested in learning more about the prostate formula, please go here:

      Please feel free to write us directly if you have any further questions: /news-events/contact-dr-eliaz


      The Dr. Eliaz Blog Staff

  2. Warm greetings from Nigeria. Your research findings are very encouraging and a source of hope for breast cancer patients. Problem is how long they have to wait to benefit!

  3. a friend has breast cancer. but your article doesnt say what is in the formula , it’s not encouraging to follow up, too much like all these so called remedies that promise the world without saying what they really are; i know you re an honest company, i don t think it s a good policy for you.

    • Hello!

      To learn more about the ingredients in the formula, please visit this link:

      Thank you for your input!

      The Blog Staff

    • Dear Denys, I agree, this is a common problem. Actually I think this article is better than most and if I had breast cancer, I would want to follow up on it. But, generally, the alternative medicines are discussed in too global a manner (I don’t mean just here; I mean as a usual experience with alternative medicine practitioners of all kinds). A patient with a serious illness, particularly cancer, needs specific, focused information so that they can evaluate whether or not a product or protocol may be of benefit to them. People in this situation don’t have time to experiment.

      • Hello, and thank you all for your thoughtful comments! Unfortunately, many legitimate informational resources (including this site) are legally bound and cannot give specific medical advice. We do our best here to provide you with as much information as possible, and as many resources as we can to help you make informed decisions about your health. Ultimately, only you and your health care practitioner can make thoughtful, case-specific choices about what options are right for you.

        We wish you the very best in your health journeys!


        The staff

  4. My sister had triple negative breast cancer 18 months ago, had mastectomy and chemo. I will encourage her to start on your formula. I now have been diagnosed with DCIS, very small, very early, had lumpectomy, clear margins, no lymph nodes. They do want me to undergo radiation for five weeks. Does the Pectin protect the body during radiation?

    • Hello Barbara,

      There is a study that relates to Modified Citrus Pectin and radiation treatment. Here is the link: /research-library

      Also, there is a wealth of detailed information in Dr. Eliaz’s Modified Citrus Pectin guide, which you can download here:

      We wish you and your family the very best!


      The Blog Staff

  5. Also, how do you feel about the use of Estrogen blocking medications after estrogen/progesterone positive breast cancer?

  6. Warm greetings from South Africa. I have a friend in the UK who has liver cancer he is 60 years old.
    Are there any breakthroughs in the cure of liver cancer?Thank you and warm regards.

  7. It is great news and very relaxing to know that there is great hope for dealing and defeating cancer thoroughly . This effort of yours is unique and stands tall in service to humanity.
    MAY GOD CONTINUE TO RICHLY BLESS YOU as you share such important findings with all.

  8. Dr. Eliaz,
    Thank you, thank you for the research you do. I know you are saving lives and I am grateful. I hope you will be doing more with Qivana in the future.
    Cassie Hernandez

  9. Hello Rita,

    To learn more about this formula, please visit this link:

    To get Dr. Eliaz’s in-depth guide on Integrative Solutions for Breast Cancer, click here:

    Thank you for your comment!

    The Blog Staff

  10. Dr. Dr. Eliaz,
    In March I was diagnosed with stage 1, breast cancer on the chest wall, a small tumor slightly smaller than a pea. The surgeon removed the whole tumor via the vacumm assisted core biopsy. He did not to a lumpectomy. My follow-up MRI showed no evidence of cancer there or in the lymph nodes. I changed doctors. I have been treated by a Naturopath, my Ca 27-29 marker was 27. Recent blood work has been very good over-all. What test/proceedure do you recommend to verify that there isn’t any growth in the original area or spread to the lymph nodes. I went a few days ago I went to an oncologist/hematologist to get an opinion. She wants me to get a lumpectomy, probable brachytherapy, a lymph node disection and follow-up radiation and chemotherapy. I really do not want to do that! My pH was in the optimal range to cancer-dormancy range prior to her visit, past 2 days shot up to being very acidic to acidic. How would you proceed if you were in my shoes?

    • Hello,

      The Blog staff must recommend taking these important questions to a health practitioner. They can evaluate your individual situation much better than we can here, and are licensed to provide you with specific medical advice.

      If you are interested in working with a qualified health care practitioner at the Clinic founded by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, please contact:

      Amitabha Medical Clinic & Healing Center
      7064 Corline Ct. Suite A
      Sebastopol, CA 95472

      We wish you the very best with your health and finding the information you need!

      The Blog Staff

  11. Hi I am so glad I recieved your information it is really good news for breast cancer patients. I just want to know if Stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma lymph nodes are negative no sign of metastase but recurred after two years sitting on the skin without metastases – Grade III what protocol can be followed and I refused to take the chemotherapy treatment.

    Thank you

  12. I was diagnosed in 2009 with triple negative breast cancer and had double masectomy. Unfortunately in May 2010 it returned again in the same area as before and I followed up with A/C chemo treatment. I currently take your MCP and have shared your literature with my oncologist. I tried a test of my own….stopped taking the MCP for about a month in a half and my markers went up 9 points! Immediatly went back on it and now my markers are in the normal range and I will continue to take the MCP. Thank you for all your studies with MCP and triple negative breast cancer. I share all your latest results and studies with my onco.

    • P.S. should I also be taking the breast formula as well as the MCP? I had total masectomy of both breasts and had 26 lymph nodes taken from left side which all tested negative.

      • Dear Dawn,

        MCP has been shown to have a synergistic effect with targeted ingredients (as outlined in the study on this post). These ingredients can definitely be used following a masectomy as they support cellular and hormonal balance and health.

        All the best,

        Dr. Eliaz Blog Staff

  13. Congratulations on all of the brilliant success’s in the cancer field. I’m thinking the breast formula may possible be helpful for ovarian ca. I have entered my ninth year of survivorship, however still have not cured/completely healed. This too is insight. Please let me know.
    Blessings and wellness to all at Amitabha!

  14. Can one take Breastdefend/Pectasol-C along with other approaches such as apricot kernels; aspirin; vitamin supplements?

    • Yes, BreastDefend and Pectasol-C can definitely be used as part of larger natural program and will enhance the benefits of other supplements, as well as conventional therapies. Pectasol-C, as noted on the bottle, should be taken away from both food and other oral supplements.

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