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The Journey to Self Awareness – The Huffington Post September 2010

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The Journey to Self Awareness – The Huffington Post September 2010

The question of what we feel and where we feel it may seem simultaneously complex and vague, however, it has the potential to provide us with deeper insight into ourselves. There is obviously no right answer. It's an example of the type of questioning and inquiry that can lead to a more profound perspective on our state of being, and hopefully provide keys to unlock some of the doors on our path of healing and growth. It's a way to examine how, what and where we feel, from a broader outlook which can serve as the foundation of our experience and help to guide our journey. We can begin to raise awareness in our being that provides a more complete view of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reality. For example, if you have pain in your upper right abdomen, is the pain coming from there, or from the sensory part of your brain? If it's from the liver, the organ located in the same area, what emotions are related to it? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and many of the ancient medical systems, each organ relates to a specific emotion. Are the emotions coming from the pain, from the organ affected, from our perception of and identification with the experience, or all of the above? Is the pain triggered by a present issue, or is it reflecting a surfacing or resurfacing past issue? How is the current pain projecting into the future?

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