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Dr. Eliaz on MSNBC News – July 2012

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Dr. Eliaz on MSNBC News – July 2012

Whether you’re a victim of illness or boozy overindulgence, a suddenly watery mouth – atop of a queasy stomach – is never a sign of good things to come. When the drool pools, you know what’s up: your stomach contents. Literally. It’s not going to look pretty. And afterward, you’re not going to feel pretty. But salivating before vomiting runs counter to our basic understanding of slobber. Shouldn’t that oral reaction only accompany the scent, sight, promise or actual consumption of tasty morsels? Actually, it’s all part of the same digestive chain reaction – a chemical concoction involving your mouth and your gastric juices, the fluid generated within your gut to help your body dissolve chewed food. “The body is attempting to solve the problem of whatever is causing the nausea and (in a sense) digest it,” said Dr. Isaac Eliaz, who blends Western medicine with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – an approach known as “integrative medicine.”

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