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Scientists Warn of Increased Nuclear Radiation Risks

Integrative physician Isaac Eliaz, M.D., L.Ac., is a leading researcher and expert on safe detoxification and protection from radioactive isotopes and heavy metals. Here, Dr. Eliaz outlines a strategic plan for combating potential radiation exposure, using natural detoxifiers, trace minerals, antioxidants, and immune boosters. "This approach will help to remove potential radiation from the body, protect cells, tissues and DNA, and strengthen vitality and immunity. The beauty of this strategy is that while these solutions help remove radiation, they also enhance overall health with numerous additional benefits," says Dr. Eliaz.

5 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer – Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen October 2012

Over the past decade, real progress has been made in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. We now have more sophisticated tools to better understand, assess, and defeat this devastating disease. Even though we are making headway, it’s important to remember we may never completely prevent or cure this disease. We must stay vigilant to continue refining and redefining our breast cancer approaches for greater prevention and survival rates. For example, yes, there is a genetic component to breast cancer, but data suggests that 90 to 95 percent of cases are not hereditary. This means that while there are specific cancer-causing genes that influence the growth and spread of tumors, these genes were not necessarily inherited so much as activated by specific external factors: age, diet, environment, lifestyle, and many other potential triggers. While risk factors like age cannot be mitigated, other risk factors can be eliminated or reduced to help prevent the development of breast cancer.

Cellphone Radiation Protection – Easy Health Options September 2012

The debate on cellphone safety, particularly for brain health, is far from over. As cancer researchers, neurophysicists and other scientists continue to document the biological effects of cellular wireless radiation, communications giants and cellular industry spokespeople remain insistent that mobile phone devices are safe. However, a growing body of published scientific data suggests otherwise and, at the very least, highlights the need for long-term, objective safety studies. A 2012 in vivo study published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology showed that radiation from cellphones may damage DNA and alter genes in brain cells. Another 2012 clinical study published in the International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences showed that long-term mobile phone use was associated with cellular DNA damage and chromosomal instability, leading to increased risk of cancer, genetic defects and other related issues. These alarming study results build upon mounting research suggesting that long-term exposure to cellphone radiation is a significant risk to brain health, cellular integrity and overall wellness.

Radioactivity Protection – The Health Sciences Institute

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the worldwide run on potassium iodide -– the first line of radiation protection. But in a recent e-mail I received from HSI Panelist Dr. Eliaz, he warns that potassium iodide use is extremely dependent on timing. Dr. Eliaz: “Self-medicating with ongoing high doses of potassium iodide is strongly discouraged because of the negative health effects this supplement can have on thyroid and overall health. High dose potassium iodide is only helpful if exposure to a large amount of radiation is imminent and the supplement can be taken 24 hours prior to exposure.” Dr. Eliaz is an integrative physician who specializes in natural chelation of heavy metals and detoxification. In fact, it was the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago that inspired Dr. Eliaz to begin his own radiation detox research.

Biography of Dr. Isaac Eliaz –

Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s, is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator and clinical practitioner. Since 1991, Dr. Eliaz has maintained a busy private practice in northern California that focuses primarily on integrative, holistic protocols for cancer patients. He leads an integrative medical team at Amitabha Clinic in Sebastopol, California with focus on cancer and other chronic ailments.

New Options for Breast Cancer Treatment

To successfully treat breast cancer therapies must be designed individually and strategically in order to outsmart the disease and restore a patient’s health. The problem is that many treatments are so invasive and aggressive that they can destroy the health of the patient along with the disease. However, new developments in breast cancer treatment are showing promise ...

The Threat of Radioactive Fallout: Dr. Isaac Eliaz Explains How to Protect Yourself from a Nuclear Event

SANTA ROSA, Calif., (March 18, 2011) -- As the world watches the nuclear tragedies unfold in Japan, fears are rising regarding the potential for radioactive fallout to travel to the United States, particularly the West Coast. Could this really happen and can we protect ourselves from a nuclear event? The general answer to both questions is yes, according to Medical Expert Dr. Isaac Eliaz. But there is much more you can do to protect yourself and your family from radiation exposure besides supplementing with potassium iodine. Potassium iodine does not protect from all radiation exposure, and is extremely dependent on timing. Self-medicating with ongoing high doses of this supplement is strongly discouraged due to the health risks associated, especially for people with thyroid issues.