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Detox Correctly – Dear Pharmacist

Detoxification is a specific integrative health protocol that is traditionally and preferably practiced in the fall and spring seasons, as these are times that energetically correspond to the natural cycles of change in nature and detoxification within our bodies. It can also be done at other times of the year — if medically warranted. Although the fall season has ended and winter is officially here, I would nonetheless like to discuss some of the important details of this increasingly relevant topic with regard to integrative medicine. Having a deeper understanding of the detox process can help us prepare now for the completion of a successful cleanse during the appropriate season as it approaches.

Breast Health – Remedies Magazine October 2012

With all the controversy over women’s health, there’s one truth that can’t be challenged: Women’s and men’s bodies are different, and the way they need to take care of themselves is different too. The leading causes of death in American women under 40 are accidents, cancer, violence, HIV, heart disease, and suicide. Some of those are out of our control, but prevention of others may be within our grasp. Women know a healthy diet and exercise can work to keep them healthy, from their joints to their hearts to their breasts. And in October, as we observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to revisit those important life choices along with a few others.

Cellphone Radiation Protection – Easy Health Options September 2012

The debate on cellphone safety, particularly for brain health, is far from over. As cancer researchers, neurophysicists and other scientists continue to document the biological effects of cellular wireless radiation, communications giants and cellular industry spokespeople remain insistent that mobile phone devices are safe. However, a growing body of published scientific data suggests otherwise and, at the very least, highlights the need for long-term, objective safety studies. A 2012 in vivo study published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology showed that radiation from cellphones may damage DNA and alter genes in brain cells. Another 2012 clinical study published in the International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences showed that long-term mobile phone use was associated with cellular DNA damage and chromosomal instability, leading to increased risk of cancer, genetic defects and other related issues. These alarming study results build upon mounting research suggesting that long-term exposure to cellphone radiation is a significant risk to brain health, cellular integrity and overall wellness.

Interview with Dr. Isaac Eliaz on Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) – Amazing Wellness September 1, 2011

There’s still no cure for cancer. But new research looks promising. Because of its unique molecular structure, Modified Citrus Pectin, or MCP (of the correct molecular weight and size), can easily enter the bloodstream and work throughout the body to fight cancer and address numerous other serious diseases and health concerns. For example, MCP is a powerful yet gentle natural chelator, proven to bind to and remove harmful heavy metals and environmental toxins from the body without affecting essential minerals, as many chelation therapies do. MCP is also a powerful immune modulator, proven to boost immune cells and strengthen immune function. First, let me explain a little bit about a molecule within the body called Galectin-3 (normally present in small amounts in healthy people). Groundbreaking new studies show that excess galectin-3 molecules have a direct involvement in the process of chronic inflammation and subsequent fibrosis (uncontrolled scar tissue build up). Research shows that elevated levels of galectin-3 molecules in the body promote the growth and spread of cancer. Here’s where MCP comes in: it is the only proven natural galectin-3 “blocker,” proven to bind to and block harmful galectin-3 molecules on the surface of cancer cells. This prevents them from growing, creating new blood supplies to nourish themselves (a process called angiogenesis) and metastasizing.

Prevent and Reverse Prediabetes – Delicious Living Magazine JULY 2012

More than 26 million children and adults in the United States live with Type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and experts say as many as 79 million more have prediabetes -- a condition where elevated blood glucose levels raise your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So how can you avaoid or reverse prediabetes? Start by asking your doctor for fasting plasma glucose (FPG), AIC and oral glucose tolerance (OGT) tests; then follow these expert recommendations for staying diabetes free.

The Future of Cancer Prevention?

I recently shared the latest news in the prevention and treatment of cancer at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Integrative Oncology Fellowship. The June 2011 event held in Las Vegas, Nevada brought together some of the world’s leading medical experts to educate physicians, health practitioners and scientists on advancements in the fields of integrative medicine and cancer care.

New Research Offers Breakthrough in Fight Against Breast Cancer

The all-natural, doctor-designed formula combines phytonutrients, botanically enhanced medicinal mushrooms, and antioxidants that work together to provide breast protection. Dr. Sliva continues, “We were able to identify specific genes which are responsible for growth of human breast cancer cells and show, on the molecular level, how these natural dietary components affect breast cancer cells.”

Must Know Tips That Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Columbia University recently published important research on a multi-nutrient prostate support formula, developed by Dr. Isaac Eliaz using the synergistic principals of integrative medicine. Scientists analyzed the effects of this compound on prostate cancer cells, and found that the formula stopped abnormal cell growth and induced apoptosis (programmed cell death) in both hormone-sensitive and resistant prostate cancer cell lines, in very low concentrations.