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Modified Citrus Pectin: Natural Cancer-Fighter – Grand Magazine January 2012

The older we get, the more vigilant about health we need to be, but aging gracefully is possible, and there are numerous ways to protect our longevity naturally. One of the best scientifically researched natural ingredients, and one that I have researched extensively and used in my clinical practice for over 15 years with excellent results, is modified citrus pectin (MCP). MCP is an all-natural dietary supplement derived from the pith of citrus fruit. It is an ideal supplement for protecting health and longevity simply because it targets age-related conditions -- primarily cancer, but others as well.

How to be Naturally Healthy – Volleyball Magazine November 2011

For athletes to take care of their health, they need to be able to clearly balance short-term performance goals and long-term fitness goals, as well as short-term benefits and long-term consequences. A classical example is using anabolic steroids for short-term gain and ending up with long-term damage. The other key component is to address not just the physical body, but also the mind and emotions. By caring for their emotional, psychological and psycho-spiritual health, athletes can improve not only performance, but also the satisfaction they receive from athletic activity. This approach also allows for a deeper, more comprehensive experience and understanding of what true fitness means.

The Inside Scoop on Diabetes – Taste for Life Magazine November 2012

Our bodies evolved by developing sophisticated mechanisms that help us adapt to changes in diet, lifestyle and environment. But what happens when too many negative influences affect our health all at once -- unhealthy foods, an overload of environmental toxins, sedentary lifestyle -- and we can't adapt well enough? Our complex biological mechanisms start to misfire, and we have trouble maintaining the balance needed for optimal health. As a result a number of chronic illnesses can develop. Diabetes is a classic example.

Timely News for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Botanical Formula Delivers Powerful Support for Breast Health Read Dr. Eliaz’s article published the October 2012 issue of the Nutraceutical Business & Technology Journal, reprinted here for our readers: Not long ago, there was a stark dividing line between pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements. The perception was that pharmaceuticals are intensely researched (which they are) and

Special Botanical Formula Fights Breast Cancer

In Vivo Results: Formula Safely Fights Breast Cancer & Metastasis
Growth, invasion, metastasis—these are the aggressive traits that make cancer so deadly. In fact, 90 percent of cancer deaths result from metastasis, not the primary tumor. As an integrative cancer specialist, researcher and product formulator, much of my work targets the metastatic process. A main objective of any cancer treatment program is to prevent this deadly disease progression, or slow it to a halt once it begins. However once cancer spreads, it becomes much more invasive and difficult to treat.