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American Chemical Society Highlights Modified Citrus Pectin as Solution to Chronic Disease Marker Galectin-3

Cancer, heart disease, chronic inflammation—these disease conditions plague humanity, causing early death and untold suffering. Slowly, scientists are uncovering their numerous causes including genetic anomalies, environmental toxins, obesity and other factors. However, a rapidly expanding body of research points to a single biological culprit that profoundly affects these and other conditions—the molecule Galectin-3.

Modified Citrus Pectin Boosts Effectiveness of Doxorubicin Against Prostate Cancer

Doxorubicin (Dox) is an effective anti-cancer drug, but it's also a very toxic one, causing severe heart and immune damage. The doses needed to impact tumors are not well tolerated by patients; however, researchers may have found an answer through combination therapy. A study published in the journal Cell Biology International has shown that combining Dox with the natural supplement Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) increases the anti-cancer activity of Dox. This finding bodes well for prostate cancer patients, especially those too weak for normal chemotherapy regimens. Combination therapy may allow for lower doses of Dox with enhanced clinical impact and reduced toxicity.

When One Plus One Equals Three

In a groundbreaking study, Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), a highly researched natural compound enhanced the anti-cancer effects of two poly-botanical formulas. When co-administered with formulas that attack breast and prostate cancer, MCP significantly increased their anti-cancer action, further reducing metastasis in highly invasive breast and prostate cancer cells. The study was led by researchers at the Cancer Research Laboratory at Indiana University Health and Indiana University School of Medicine, and published in the peer review journal Integrative Cancer Therapies.

Winning the Battle Against Breast Cancer Metastasis

Scientists at Indiana University Health's Cancer Research Laboratory have found that a sophisticated botanical formula slows human breast cancer growth and inhibits breast to lung metastasis in mice. The formula contains extracts from medicinal mushrooms, medicinal herbs and purified nutritional compounds, and showed no toxic side-effects. These results were presented at the April 2012 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. “Our results are very exciting because we clearly demonstrate the suppression of breast to lung cancer metastasis associated with the inhibition of specific pro-metastatic genes in human tumors,” says Daniel Sliva, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and lead author on the study.

New Hope for Deadly Cancer

In my own clinical practice, I have seen remarkable results with breast cancer patients using a combination of targeted botanicals and integrative approaches. My practice of patient-driven medicine and the results I witnessed using powerful combinations of natural ingredients were the driving force behind the years of work and research...