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Winning the Battle Against Breast Cancer Metastasis

Scientists at Indiana University Health's Cancer Research Laboratory have found that a sophisticated botanical formula slows human breast cancer growth and inhibits breast to lung metastasis in mice. The formula contains extracts from medicinal mushrooms, medicinal herbs and purified nutritional compounds, and showed no toxic side-effects. These results were presented at the April 2012 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. “Our results are very exciting because we clearly demonstrate the suppression of breast to lung cancer metastasis associated with the inhibition of specific pro-metastatic genes in human tumors,” says Daniel Sliva, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and lead author on the study.

5 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer – Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen October 2012

Over the past decade, real progress has been made in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. We now have more sophisticated tools to better understand, assess, and defeat this devastating disease. Even though we are making headway, it’s important to remember we may never completely prevent or cure this disease. We must stay vigilant to continue refining and redefining our breast cancer approaches for greater prevention and survival rates. For example, yes, there is a genetic component to breast cancer, but data suggests that 90 to 95 percent of cases are not hereditary. This means that while there are specific cancer-causing genes that influence the growth and spread of tumors, these genes were not necessarily inherited so much as activated by specific external factors: age, diet, environment, lifestyle, and many other potential triggers. While risk factors like age cannot be mitigated, other risk factors can be eliminated or reduced to help prevent the development of breast cancer.

Research Update: Meditation and Brain Health

In terms of brain health, what exactly is “cortical folding,” or “gyrification,” and how does it increase your mental capacity? These questions may seem to address complex issues best left to neuroscience, except for one simple practice that directly relates to them: meditation. Researchers have been studying the effects of meditation on the brain for decades, and have come to some importantconclusions that may offer further motivation and inspiration for regular—and certainly for aspiring—practitioners of this time-honored healing art.

Healing Retreat Draws Medical Doctors, Cancer Patients and Students From Across the Country

Petaluma, Calif. (October 12, 2011) — Isaac Eliaz, M.D. L.A.c, M.S., leads a meditation, transformation and healing retreat in Sonoma County, California at EarthRise at IONS Retreat Center. The event draws people from across the country, including medical doctors, acupuncturists, cancer patients, counselors, students of integrative medicine and those interested in learning more about meditation

Dr. Isaac Eliaz Talks About the Future of Cancer Prevention

Santa Rosa, Calif. (July 7, 2011) – Isaac Eliaz, M.D., L.Ac., M.S., a world-renowned pioneer in natural medicine, shares the latest news in the prevention and treatment of cancer at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Integrative Oncology Fellowship. The June 2011 event, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, brought together some of the world’s leading medical experts to educate physicians, health practitioners and scientists on advancements in the fields of integrative medicine and cancer care. During the fellowship, Dr. Eliaz gave his recommendations on holistic and integrative approaches to treating cancer. “I was thrilled to meet a group of enthusiastic physicians and health providers who are interested in and committed to learning and practicing integrative oncology,” said Eliaz. “It is my belief and experience that integrating the best medical practices -- from both East and West -- with an open heart guided by love, compassion and empowerment of the patient can offer true transformation in healthcare.” Dr. Eliaz says a large focus of his practice incorporates the most important scientific breakthroughs in integrative and complementary medicine. “There is now a significant body of research validating many ancient as well as modern approaches to treating illness using botanical-based medicine. As an Integrative Cancer Physician, a central focus of my practice is to bring together top w