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8 Ways to Prevent a Cold – Men’s Fitness

So how can you stay healthy while your friends and coworkers fall prey to nasty germs? While there's no cure for the common cold, our medical expert, Isaac Eliaz, M.D., Director of Amitabha Medical Clinic, says there's no reason to feel helplessly doomed, either. With some smart habits and a little help from nature, you can safeguard your immune system against the season's grossest illnesses.

Options for Chronic Prostatitis – Alternative and Complementary Therapies February 2012

In integrative medicine, we work to build the health of the patient while simultaneously fighting the patient’s illness. To treat prostatitis, I use targeted botanicals, nutrients, mind–body practices, acupuncture, heat therapies, detoxification, nutritional intravenous (I.V.s) injections, and other modalities. These treatments work together to fight infections, reduce inflammation, improve immunity, reduce oxidative stress, remove heavy metals/toxins safely, and strengthen prostate and overall health.

The Inside Scoop on Diabetes – Taste for Life Magazine November 2012

Our bodies evolved by developing sophisticated mechanisms that help us adapt to changes in diet, lifestyle and environment. But what happens when too many negative influences affect our health all at once -- unhealthy foods, an overload of environmental toxins, sedentary lifestyle -- and we can't adapt well enough? Our complex biological mechanisms start to misfire, and we have trouble maintaining the balance needed for optimal health. As a result a number of chronic illnesses can develop. Diabetes is a classic example.

Timely News for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Botanical Formula Delivers Powerful Support for Breast Health Read Dr. Eliaz’s article published the October 2012 issue of the Nutraceutical Business & Technology Journal, reprinted here for our readers: Not long ago, there was a stark dividing line between pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements. The perception was that pharmaceuticals are intensely researched (which they are) and

New Hope for Deadly Cancer

In my own clinical practice, I have seen remarkable results with breast cancer patients using a combination of targeted botanicals and integrative approaches. My practice of patient-driven medicine and the results I witnessed using powerful combinations of natural ingredients were the driving force behind the years of work and research...

Breakthrough Prostate Cancer Animal Study Presented at International Oncology Conference

Rhodes, Greece (October 12, 2011) — New animal study confirms the dramatic effects of a natural formula against aggressive prostate cancer tumors. Researchers at the Methodist Research Institute at Indiana University conducted the study on mice, using a human prostate cancer xenograft model (outlined below). These latest results have been presented to hundreds of researchers

6 Natural Stress Relievers

When it comes to stress relief, most of us need a little help. Whether you practice daily meditation, take brisk walks or engage in a friendly chat, there are many forms of relief that don’t require a pharmaceutical drug or a trip to a psychiatrist’s office.