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American Chemical Society Highlights Modified Citrus Pectin as Solution to Chronic Disease Marker Galectin-3

Cancer, heart disease, chronic inflammation—these disease conditions plague humanity, causing early death and untold suffering. Slowly, scientists are uncovering their numerous causes including genetic anomalies, environmental toxins, obesity and other factors. However, a rapidly expanding body of research points to a single biological culprit that profoundly affects these and other conditions—the molecule Galectin-3.

Prevent Type II Diabetes – Change Magazine April 2012

Metabolic Syndrome, a.k.a. pre-Diabetes, has exploded into a worldwide epidemic, and even as these numbers skyrocket, many people are living with this degenerative condition unknowingly. Also called Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome dramatically increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other life-threatening conditions. The biggest contributing factors include a diet high in fats, sugars and processed foods; lack of exercise; chronic stress and long-term exposure to certain environmental toxins. In integrative medicine, the spring season provides an ideal time to address these risk factors. But since one in five people in North America are estimated to have Metabolic Syndrome, this area of health needs focus 365 days a year. Most patients with Metabolic Syndrome will develop fullblown Type II Diabetes within a decade. Often, Metabolic Syndrome progresses undiagnosed because symptoms can be vague, develop slowly or are mistakenly attributed to less serious causes. By recognizing the earliest signs and strengthening your metabolic systems with targeted natural solutions, you can beat back Metabolic Syndrome and its sinister offspring, Type II Diabetes. If you are already battling metabolic health issues, the same natural solutions can help reverse even the most chronic conditions by balancing blood sugar, decreasing inflammation, increasing insulin sensitivity and assisting your body to utilize energy efficiently.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Better Nutrition Magazine October 2011

Medicinal mushrooms offer more health-promoting and disease-fighting benefits than almost any other natural medicine or food. These special fungi are some of the richest sources of therapeutic compounds, including lipids, proteoglycans (combinations of proteins and sugars), polysaccharides (including beta glucans), alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. Certain varieties of medicinal mushrooms have been prominent in traditional Asian formulas for millennia because of their numerous health benefits on multiple organ systems. Today, modern science continues to validate these remarkable benefits, specifically in the treatment of cancer, immune function and environmental toxicity, but also for cardiovascular disease, organ failure, respiratory problems, digestive issues, diabetes, neurodegenerative conditions -- and more

New Target for Treatment and the Role of MCP – Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Magazine September 2012

Chronic illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and others share common metabolic and inflammatory derangements. Novel epidemiological forecasts predict that a new category of diseases may soon be established, classifying these chronic illnesses as "Elevated Galectin-3 Diseases."

Beat Depression, ADHD and Anxiety Naturally – Rodale News November 2011

One-in-five insured adults are now taking mental health drugs, mostly antidepressants, despite the fact that many people popping the pills aren't even clinically depressed. In 2010, 15 percent of men and 26 percent of women took prescription drugs for psychological or behavioral problems, according to new data released in Medco Health Solutions' "America's State of Mind" report. The number of people reaching for psych drugs is on the rise over the last decade, too. Researchers saw a 5-percent increase in women taking the mental and behavioral health meds (they're also twice as likely to take antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds compared to men), and a 3-percent jump in use for men compared to 2001 statistics. Your address and lifestyle might have something to do with it, too. Analysts found the highest prevalence of medication use took place in the east south central region of the country, an area known as the Diabetes Belt for higher-than-average risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

10 Important Men’s Health Symptoms – Lifescript Magazine September 2012

Men are notorious for ignoring health symptoms and avoiding the doctor's office. Broken pinky? Just use duct tape. But not all medical issues can be fixed so easily. What may be a pesky problem to a man could be erectile dysfunction, sleep apnea, prostate cancer and more. Here are 10 health symptoms your guy – and you – should take seriously...

Sweet & Deadly – Easy Health Options October 2012

With colder weather starting to roll in and the holidays around the corner, many of us may already be struggling with conflicts about eating carbohydrate-rich comfort foods and sugary holiday treats. The war against refined sugar and its sneaky siblings — simple carbohydrates (such as bread and pasta) — is certainly justified. Of course, we need some carbohydrates for energy, brain function and other processes, but these can be obtained from eating fruits, many vegetables, whole grains and legumes. So while sweet tastes and complex sugars are part of our evolutionary palate, refined sugars and overprocessed simple carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, are not. In fact, these substances act more like pharmaceutical drugs, triggering a cascade of detrimental reactions on the cellular level and leading to a number of degenerative illnesses. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the damage caused by refined sugar, along with some great alternative sweeteners that allow you to enjoy guilt-free treats without sacrificing the urge for sweetness.

Biography of Dr. Isaac Eliaz –

Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s, is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator and clinical practitioner. Since 1991, Dr. Eliaz has maintained a busy private practice in northern California that focuses primarily on integrative, holistic protocols for cancer patients. He leads an integrative medical team at Amitabha Clinic in Sebastopol, California with focus on cancer and other chronic ailments.