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Breakthrough Study: Modified Citrus Pectin Boosts Chemo’s Power against Ovarian Cancer

New Breakthrough Study: Modified Citrus Pectin Boosts Chemo’s Power against Ovarian Cancer Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because it’s often detected at a late stage, with higher risk of resistance to frontline chemotherapy drugs such as paclitaxel (commonly sold as Taxol). However, a new preclinical study from the University of Tehran and the Neuroscience Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention showed that Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) increased the effectiveness of paclitaxel against ovarian cancer cells.

Mind as Medicine: Retreat Brings Healing, Growth

More than 100 people attended a recent meditation retreat in Tel Aviv, Israel: Physicians, journalists, holistic practitioners, cancer patients and meditation enthusiasts. They came to learn holistic, mind-body approaches to healing and find avenues to spiritual growth. The retreat was led by integrative medicine pioneer and meditation expert Isaac Eliaz, M.D., L.Ac. and was coordinated by Taatsumot, a non-profit organization. The in-depth, two-day retreat program focused on the mind's innate healing power.

Stress Less – Mind Body Green June 2011

Reducing stress in your everyday life is vital for maintaining your overall health, as it can improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity and allow you to be more productive. When you let your stress get the best of you, you put yourself at risk of developing a range of illnesses – from the common cold to severe heart disease. Stress has such a powerful impact on your well being because it is a natural response that is activated in the brain. Let’s examine how this process works, why stress affects you the way it does, and the severe impacts it can have on your health.

Breast Health – Remedies Magazine October 2012

With all the controversy over women’s health, there’s one truth that can’t be challenged: Women’s and men’s bodies are different, and the way they need to take care of themselves is different too. The leading causes of death in American women under 40 are accidents, cancer, violence, HIV, heart disease, and suicide. Some of those are out of our control, but prevention of others may be within our grasp. Women know a healthy diet and exercise can work to keep them healthy, from their joints to their hearts to their breasts. And in October, as we observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to revisit those important life choices along with a few others.

The Raw Food Diet – Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen September 2012

What is the healthiest diet? This question is being asked over and over again, and is being answered in a variety of different ways. The truth is there is no single correct answer. One approach that is gaining popularity is the raw food diet, where dieters adhere to a regimen of strictly uncooked food. The raw food diet has proponents and critics, but it’s important to get the facts before adopting 100 percent raw food or any specialized diet over the long term.

Cellphone Radiation Protection – Easy Health Options September 2012

The debate on cellphone safety, particularly for brain health, is far from over. As cancer researchers, neurophysicists and other scientists continue to document the biological effects of cellular wireless radiation, communications giants and cellular industry spokespeople remain insistent that mobile phone devices are safe. However, a growing body of published scientific data suggests otherwise and, at the very least, highlights the need for long-term, objective safety studies. A 2012 in vivo study published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology showed that radiation from cellphones may damage DNA and alter genes in brain cells. Another 2012 clinical study published in the International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences showed that long-term mobile phone use was associated with cellular DNA damage and chromosomal instability, leading to increased risk of cancer, genetic defects and other related issues. These alarming study results build upon mounting research suggesting that long-term exposure to cellphone radiation is a significant risk to brain health, cellular integrity and overall wellness.