Published Research Continues to Show Modified Citrus Pectin’s Life-Saving Benefits

For more than two decades, scientists world-wide have been studying the unique health benefits of a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP). Published research continues to substantiate this ingredient as one of the most important adjuncts in the fight against life-threatening conditions, from cancer to heart disease and more.

The remarkable value of MCP is found in its primary mechanism of action: the unique ability to bind and block active biomarker and therapeutic target, Galectin-3 (Gal-3).

In fact, MCP of the correct molecular structure is recognized as the most-researched Gal-3 inhibitor, capable of preventing — and reversing — the devastating effects of elevated Gal-3.

Elevated Galectin-3 in Cancer, Heart Disease and More

From metastatic cancer, to cardiovascular failure, fibrosis, diabetes, obesity and more, Gal-3 is identified as a key driver in the progression of these and other pro-inflammatory diseases.

At elevated levels, it encourages the growth, proliferation and metastasis of cancer; drives chronic inflammation and fibrosis of organs and tissues, and serves as an active biomarker for heart disease, cancer and other illnesses.

Gal-3 is a fast-growing field of research, with MCP as the leading therapeutic agent shown to block and reverse the effects of this rogue protein.

MCP in Immune Health

Published research also demonstrates that MCP promotes healthy immune function, in particular the activity and effectiveness of NK cells.

MCP in Toxic Metal Removal

Clinical studies show that MCP safely removes toxic metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic from the circulation, without affecting essential mineral levels.

Not all MCP is the Same

Not all MCP is created equal. To be effective, it must fall within a specific molecular weight and structure, with low esterification, in order to enter the circulation and perform with optimal bioactivity.

The MCP developed and patented by Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, remains the only clinically researched MCP, produced using a proprietary modification processes to ensure precise molecular structure for full absorption and potency.

To promote comprehensive health, no one product can be considered a “magic bullet.” However, the remarkable efficacy and safety of MCP make it an essential component within integrative medicine. As ongoing research validates the many outstanding benefits offered by this natural product, MCP is becoming known as one of the most important adjuncts for long-term health.