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Integrative Solutions for Our Children’s Health

I’d like to share with you my thoughts and latest research on ways to  protect our children’s health. Never before have our children been up against such dangerous risks to their physical, mental, and emotional  well-being. In this guide, I delve into the six most prevalent and  important health issues concerning children in order to provide you, the  parent, with the knowledge to make the very best choices for coping  with conditions and preventing disease. I discuss everything from Autism  to ADD to diet and stress, providing the best research and personal  advice I can offer as both a doctor and a father.

We all want the very best for our children.  In these modern times, parents are faced with daunting social issues and  health concerns for our children. The six modern crises I address in  this wellness guide are toxicity, autism, ADHD medications, media  violence, obesity, and stress.

From the pesticides in our environment to the  high-fructose corn syrup in so much of our food, our children need to  be guided and protected. More than ever, it’s important to pay attention  to the ingredients in our food, to eat organic produce, and to get  daily exercise. Food manufacturers pump snacks full of refined, manmade  sugar while kids today spend more time indoors, sedentary, than getting  exercise and vitamin D from playing outside. Meanwhile, a large  percentage of children are on dangerous medications for behavioral  problems or experience serious mental and emotional stress. As a doctor,  I want to provide you with some reassurance and simple steps you can  take to provide your child with health, stability, and happiness.

Children's Health Guide

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Your free guide includes:

  • What you need to know about the most hazardous toxins and their sources
  • The rise of Autism and mercury detoxification
  • ADHD drugs, their side effects, and possible long term effects
  • The effects television and video games can have on sleep, proper nutrition, exercise and school
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations to combat the growing obesity epidemic
  • Stress coping techniques for both children and adolescents
  • Developing open communication and self awareness

Spending intimate time with your child, communication, and education are all crucial tools for helping your child to grow into a healthy, happy adult. By understanding the current threats to your child’s health, parents can arm themselves with the right solutions to help our children grow into the best people they can be.