Study Spurs Questions About Cell Phone Safety

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Study Spurs Questions About Cell Phone Safety

Every day, we are exposed to radiation from computers, wireless internet connections, microwaves, cell phones, etc. A study from the National Institutes of Health and Brookhaven National Laboratory shows that the radiation we receive from cell phone use affects brain cell activity. The study measured brain glucose metabolism — brain cells using sugar for energy — in the brains of 47 adults. Researchers wanted to see if the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced from a cell phone could affect brain cells.

Study Details

Participants received muted calls from a recorded text and also used the phones when they were not on. PET scans were conducted after subjects had used cell phones on both the left and right sides of their heads for 50 minutes on two different days. The researchers found that some brain regions near the antenna became more active when a cell phone was turned on and held to the ear without the participants speaking or listening to a conversation. Those exposed to 50 minutes of cell phone frequencies had a 7-10 percent increase in brain glucose metabolism in the region closest to the antenna, which includes the orbitofrontal cortex and temporal pole (areas involved with functions such as memory and other cognitive skills). It is important to note that the cell phones used in the study were in a receiving mode, which emits less energy than cell phones during a standard phone conversation.

The study shows that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation coming out of cell phones,” said Nora Volkow, a lead author of the study. Dr. Volkow acknowledged that it is unknown whether or not the effects are harmful.

Are Cell Phones Safe?

The alarming result of this study builds upon mounting research that suggests cell phone radiation could indeed pose a real risk to healthy brain function as well as to our overall health. What makes the radiation from cell phones dangerous? When radiation penetrates the body, it can cause abnormal cellular changes. Cell phones act in the same way as radios, sending out radio frequency waves to a base station. The phones need to send waves strong enough to connect to the base station and then send information back. A powerful signal reaches from the antenna to the base station, sending the strongest radiation out from the antenna, with you in the middle. This radiation penetrates the brain, affecting blood flow, brain temperature and now brain glucose metabolism. The fact of the matter is that consistent radiation from cell phone use is a significant threat to our health, regardless of how dependent we are on mobile technology.

Over time, cell phone radiation may cause harmful effects to brain health. Although there is currently no “definitive evidence” that cell phone radiation causes harmful changes in the brain, the amount of radiation produced by cell phone use does indeed affect the brain, as proven by Volkow and her team.

It is truly wise to take precautions before it is too late. Strategies such as antioxidant protection, improved circulation and chelation of heavy metals can be very useful. Some ways to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation include using the speaker phone function or a headset that has an air conduction tube at the end leading to the ear.

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