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Learn about important topics like alternative medicine, powerful remedies, health tips, current news, and patient stories directly from Dr. Isaac Eliaz and our other natural health experts!

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Dr. Eliaz and his staff write frequently to provide a continual source of education, inspiration, support, timely research updates, and thoughtful guidance for your path to health and healing.

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Dr. Eliaz explains some of the primary alternative treatments and offers important lifestyle tips employed in the field of integrative medicine for you to become better acquainted.

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From cancer treatment and prevention, to safe and effective chelation, immune health and more, Dr. Eliaz’s comprehensive, integrative protocols effectively address our most pressing health concerns. With over three decades of clinical and research experience, and extensive training across diverse modalities, Dr. Eliaz offers an unparalleled approach to health that combines the wisdom of traditional healing with groundbreaking science that is transforming modern medicine today.

The health choices affecting your body should be in your hands – that’s what patient-driven medicine is all about. Evaluating the options available to you to treat your conditions and enhance your well-being empowers you to take control of your health and achieve total wellness.

In an increasingly toxic and fast paced world, we all struggle to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. With the demands of a stressful, fast-paced lifestyle, finding time to prepare healthy meals, exercise, and simply relax becomes quite a challenge. It’s no wonder our human bodies have trouble keeping up! This is why specially formulated supplements, diets, treatments, and lifestyle recommendations that nourish, support and balance the body when it is most compromised are so important.

Here, you will find up-to-date information and suggestions for cellular, metabolic, breast, prostate, cardiovascular, digestive and immune system health, as well as expert guidance on natural chelation and detoxification from heavy metals and environmental toxins.