Dr. Isaac Eliaz Presents Galectin-3 as a Breakthrough Biomarker at the World’s Largest Anti-Aging Medical Conference

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz Presents Galectin-3 as a Breakthrough Biomarker at the World’s Largest Anti-Aging Medical Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada (December 13, 2011)— Isaac Eliaz, M.D., M.S., L.Ac., distinguished medical doctor and leading Modified Citrus Pectin expert, gives a keynote presentation on Galectin-3 as a breakthrough biomarker for numerous life-threatening diseases. He also shared new research on the critical role of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) as the foremost Galectin-3 blocker. Dr. Eliaz’s latest presentation was given to more than 1000 physicians, health practitioners, and scientists during the 19th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies (A4M). Taking place December 8th-10th, the A4M conference features over 80 world renowned experts who present key clinical findings in human aging intervention.“It’s always a thrill to share cutting edge research with the medical community, demonstrating Modified Citrus Pectin’s ability to promote health and prevent disease,” says Dr. Eliaz. “MCP offers unprecedented health benefits by binding and blocking excess Galectin-3 molecules throughout the body. With the latest research linking Galectin-3 to the progression of numerous diseases, this presentation felt like a breakthrough moment where a new tool in medicine is being introduced to a whole medical community for the first time.”

Role of Galectin-3 Molecules

Dr. Eliaz discussed new evidence on the positive effects of Modified Citrus Pectin (derived from the pith of citrus fruit peels) in blocking unhealthy levels of Galectin-3 molecules in the body. Galectin-3 is produced naturally by our bodies, but new research proves that elevated levels can lead to serious health conditions like heart disease, fibrosis and metastatic cancer. MCP is the only natural Galectin-3 blocker available today. By binding to and blocking excess Galectin-3 molecules, Modified Citrus Pectin prevents Galectin-3 from wreaking havoc on our bodies. A new blood test that measures circulating levels of Galectin-3 as a risk factor in progressive heart failure is now  approved by the FDA and covered by most health insurance. This test can also help to determine risks of  damage in other organs including the  liver, lungs, brain, kidneys and others, as well as progression of cancer.

MCP Activates Powerful Immune Responses

Groundbreaking research also demonstrates the ability of a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin to greatly enhance immune function. During the presentation, Dr. Eliaz shared a study that shows how a specific type of MCP activated B-cells in a dose-dependent manner, and induced a highly significant dose-dependent activation of T-cytotoxic cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells. The NK-cell’s cancer killing activity was demonstrated against live leukemia cancer cells. The study is published in the journal, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

MCP for Detoxification

Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins is common, and a large number of diseases are known to be related to high levels of heavy metal toxicity. To determine levels of toxicity, a heavy metal body burden analysis is often suggested by doctors. Dr. Eliaz emphasizes, “When the toxic burden is high, I recommend a gentle yet highly effective heavy metal detoxification program using Modified Citrus Pectin. MCP is clinically proven to significantly reduce dangerous heavy metals, including lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium, without lowering levels of essential minerals.”

The Medical Community’s Growing Demand for Proven Natural Therapies

The new discoveries presented during Dr. Eliaz’s lecture give Modified Citrus Pectin greater potential in the prevention and treatment of many serious health conditions for which there are currently limited or no treatments available. Dr. Eliaz says, “The information presented in this lecture generated significant interest and enthusiasm among A4M attendees. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I received from doctors and practitioners signals a growing demand in medicine for research based natural therapies which can help fight our most serious health conditions safely and effectively.”

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