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For Prostate Health

Prostate issues -- and more specifically, the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer -- are among the strongest focuses of my clinical practice. In addition to dietary and lifestyle changes, there are integrative treatment modalities that can help to foster better prostate health. Natural supplements remain one of your strongest tools in the fight against prostate cancer. Below are my key recommended nutrients that have shown benefit in this area of men's health, as well as with overall vitality.

General Diet Recommendations

Of all the recommended strategies for fighting disease and promoting overall health and well being, few are as critical and profound as the practice of healthy eating. Healthy eating is a lifelong process of nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits. It is not about depriving ourselves completely of foods that we enjoy, because even when a specific medical condition dictates such restriction, there are a number of healthier alternatives to many of our favorite foods that are available on the market today. Instead of deprivation and rigid dietary control, healthy eating ought to be viewed as the regular consumption of a wide variety of nourishing, whole foods, accompanied by positive attitudes toward eating wholesome meals that together provide us with the ability to rejuvenate and rebuild. However, with all the differing recommendations in today’s popular dietary trends, choosing eating habits to help keep you healthy and energized throughout the year can seem a daunting task riddled with heated conflict and contradictory information. There is overwhelming evidence, however, supporting an organic, whole foods based diet full of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as a means to better health. Due to the high nutritional and antioxidant content of many whole foods, this type of diet is linked with increased antioxidant activity, improved digestion, healthy inflammation response, healthy glucose metabolism, healthier lipid profiles and increased immune activity among other benefits. A whole foods diet can also be tailored to a specific health condition with a larger focus on certain foods. For example, foods such as cruciferous vegetables, which are high in sulfur, have been shown effective in supporting heavy metal detoxification. The members of this vegetable family also provide support in the fight against cancer, among other health conditions.

Elaine Weil, N.P., C.N.C

Elaine Weil is a Stanford Graduate, Nurse Practitioner, herbalist, and Clinical Nutritional Consultant at Amitabha Clinic, with a specialty in women’s health and chronic illnesses. She has trained and worked closely with Dr. Eliaz in the care of cancer patients at Amitabha Clinic. Elaine is an author, instructor and health educator. She has been an

Cheri Quincy, D.O.

Dr. Cheri Quincy has been bringing integrative approaches to her practice for two decades, and was a founder of one of the first preventive health curricula for medical students in 1982. She produced a conference on Death & Dying, and has previously been invited to lecture on life transititions by groups as various as the

Jay H. Callender L.Ac., MS, Dipl. OM.

With over thirty-seven years of varied martial arts experience, a career in Asian healing/medical arts was a natural progression for Jay. After graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004, he began practicing Chinese medicine. Now he is a part of the at Amitabha. Here's what he has to say about his

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