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Healing Retreat Draws MDs, Cancer Patients and Students from Across the US

I recently led a meditation, transformation and healing retreat at EarthRise IONS Retreat Center in Sonoma County, Calif. The event drew people from across the country, including medical doctors, acupuncturists, cancer patients, counselors, students of integrative medicine, and those interested in learning more about meditation and healing.

Cancer Study Presented at International Oncology Conference

On October 7th 2011, I had the honor of speaking at the 16th World Congress on Advances in Oncology in Rhodes, Greece. There, I had the opportunity to introduce the principles of Integrative Oncology in such a prestigious, traditional setting, as well as discuss my work with MCP and polybotanicals in cancer. My colleague and fellow researcher Dr. Daniel Silva, presented a number of significant new research findings which further validate the effectiveness of several integrative anti-cancer supplements. The most recent data comes from a new animal study which confirms the significant effects of my integrative prostate formula against aggressive prostate cancer tumors.