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FDA Draft Guidance Threatens Supplements

In January 2009, the FDA announced that the active form of vitamin B6, or pyridoxamine dihydrochloride, was a “new drug,” meaning any substance containing pyridoxamine could not be marketed as a dietary supplement. While pyridoxamine dihydrochloride is naturally present in foods such as fish, chicken, whole grain products, vegetables, nuts and bananas, among others, any supplements containing the active form of this nutrient are considered adulterated and illegal by the FDA.

Heavy Metals Link To Autism

Of all of the health crises affecting our nation’s children today, the growing autism epidemic is without a doubt one of the most sensitive and controversial. While the debate over its potential causes isn’t likely to cool down anytime soon, I’m thrilled to report that at least one proposed solution has made headlines recently—and it's a solution supported by the conclusions of not one, but two, groundbreaking clinical studies.