Natural Strategies to Help You Slow the Aging Process

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We’re all worried about aging. While there are lots of products and recommendations on how to slow down the aging process, the truth is, simply living longer isn’t enough, especially with the rising rates of age-related conditions like cancer and dementia. To age successfully, we need to support youthful energy and vitality, but we also need to protect ourselves against today’s most critical health concerns.

What Causes Aging Symptoms? 

We know that aging is influenced by genetic expression, mitochondrial function (the tiny “engines” within cells that create energy to power our vital function), inflammatory responses, and other functions that take place on the cellular and DNA levels. One exciting area of research that may hold solutions to aging is the field of epigenetics, which shows how our gene activation is dependent on specific influences from our environment, diets and lifestyles. Even thoughts and emotions are shown to impact gene expression. These findings are groundbreaking, because they show that we have much more control over our genetic expression than we once thought. Essentially, your genes are not your destiny. Advancements in epigenetics show that there are specific ways we can promote anti-aging gene activity and healthy aging on a cellular level.  

Recommended Tips to Help You Age Well 

Research shows that keeping galectin-3 levels within a healthy range, promoting mitochondrial health, and encouraging favorable genetic expression can all help to optimize cellular function and encourage healthy aging. In addition, I recommend including gentle daily detoxification, and healthy stress relief practices to support your body’s ability to heal and repair itself, and age gracefully.

Detoxification is critical, starting with a wholesome, unprocessed opens in a new windowdiet. For patients with high body burden of toxins including pesticides, mycotoxins, and environmental toxins, I recommend a opens in a new windowpowerful gut binding detox formula with kelp, unmodified citrus pectin, fulvic acid, glycine, and alginate. This broad-spectrum binding formula helps to eliminate pesticides including glyphosate, as well as fluorides and bromides, mycotoxins and other environmental toxins, while preventing their storage in the body.  

Mindful meditation and other opens in a new windowmind-body practices like yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are also important. In addition to the tangible results on our mental and physical health, there is compelling anti-aging data behind them. Any kind of healthy stress relief is important to prevent the inflammatory signaling that leads to premature aging. Even gratitude has been shown to produce favorable genetic expression.1

Researched Supplements for Healthy Aging

Supporting and nourishing your body and systems is key to keeping you feeling and looking healthy from the inside out. In my practice, these are the natural ingredients and supplements I recommend my patients add to their routines to promote optimal aging and long-term wellness.

Pure Honokiol – Genetic and Cellular Support 

opens in a new windowPure honokiol, derived from Magnolia bark, is a top recommendation for healthy aging. This powerful botanical extract is shown to regulate cellular and genetic signaling to support healthy gene expression, mitochondrial function, and other benefits. Pure honokiol activates SIRT1, with protective benefits in key areas of health and aging, such as neurological function, oncology support, and vital organ function. Pure honokiol is also a concentrated antioxidant with powerful free radical scavenging actions, offering additional support for healthy inflammation responses and optimal aging.2-4 

Medicinal Mushrooms—Mitochondrial Function and Immune Health 

Supporting healthy mitochondrial function in general is a top strategy for healthy aging. In addition to honokiol, there are a number of natural compounds that help boost mitochondrial function and support vitality and cellular health as we age. Certain medicinal mushrooms, particularly cordyceps and reishi, are excellent for boosting mitochondrial health and function. In my practice, I recommend a powerful, opens in a new windowbotanically-enhanced mushroom formula that features cordyceps, reishi, and other medicinal mushrooms that are cultivated on a blend of immune-supportive herbs for additional fortification. This formula provides powerful support for optimal immune function, vital energy, cellular health, aging, and more.  

It’s also important to address factors that can harm mitochondrial function, such as toxic body burden, nutritional deficiency, and lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle.

Modified Citrus Pectin—The Most-Researched Galectin-3 Blocker 

The key driver of premature aging and chronic disease is chronic inflammation. One protein produced by the body has been identified as a key driver of inflammation and fibrosis, immune imbalances, degenerative diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease, and the aging process in general. It’s called galectin-3. Thousands of studies show how galectin-3 drives our most critical conditions including heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, sepsis, cytokine storms, mycotoxin illness, premature aging, and more. Large scale clinical data shows that people who lived over the age of 100 had lower galectin-3 levels than their peers who died in their 70s and 80s. Keeping galectin-3 levels within a healthy range is an essential strategy for maintaining healthy cells, tissues and organs and a healthy aging process.5,6 

The one natural ingredient recognized as the most-researched galectin-3 blocker, shown through extensive research to shown to block the effects of unhealthy galectin-3 is opens in a new windowModified Citrus Pectin (MCP). A fast-growing body of independent data shows that MCP works to inhibit overactive galectin-3 expression and in turn, actively support the health of key organs and systems. MCP is also a gentle detoxifying agent that provides essential daily detoxification support against heavy metals and environmental toxins. By blocking galectin-3, MCP works to halt and reverse inflammation and fibrosis (uncontrolled scar tissue build up) in organs and tissues, regulate immune responses to prevent cytokine storms and sepsis, support healthy cell, tissue, and organ function, and optimize the aging process.7 

“Aging” can be a very general term relating to the condition of our physical, mental and emotional systems, and for decades we’ve known that a nutritious diet, exercise, and stress relief foster health and longevity. But now that we understand more about how our complex cellular and genetic mechanisms relate to aging, we can develop strategies to optimize them. Specific foods, nutrients, and lifestyle practices can help address not only genetic and mitochondrial health, but overall wellness and longevity. And when used together with in-practice treatments like clinical detoxification, acupuncture and other therapies, we can encourage synergistic anti-aging benefits in our patients and help address some of today’s most critical health concerns. 


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