Day: August 13, 2020

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Immune System

Must-Have Ingredients for Winter Wellness

Stay warm, hydrated, and nourished this winter with the following vitality secrets based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Digestive Health

Holistic Habits to Handle Holiday Weight Gain

The winter holidays always seem to come and go in a flurry of planning, parties and over-indulgence. But there is something that tends to stick around, long after the frenzy is over: The Holiday Half Dozen. Winter weight gain.   Whatever you call Read More »

Mind Body

Understanding Mind-Body Medicine and How It Impacts Healing

As an integrative physician and meditation practitioner with decades of experience working with cancer and complex conditions, I am confident that meditation and mind-body exercises can offer us the keys to unlock our deepest healing potential. Published research into the remarkable health benefits of Read More »

Cardiovascular Health

Is Sugar Worse Than Fat for Your Heart?

Fat gets a bad rap when it comes to heart health — the real blame goes to sugar, which damages your cardiovascular system in several ways.

Modified Citrus Pectin

The Root Cause of Aging and Chronic Disease

Controlling this master alarm protein helps halt and reverse life-threatening conditions  Your body has deep-rooted survival and repair mechanisms to keep you safe from danger, orchestrate your defenses, and direct critical repair processes. And leading these survival Read More »

Immune System

Meet the Best Mushrooms for Super Immunity

Between Covid variants and stealthy cold and flu viruses, our survival drives have been thrown into full throttle. Learn how medicinal mushrooms offer incredible immune support.

Mind Body

How the Cooler Weather Affects Your Sleep

What is it about the fall and winter that make us want to stay in bed and sleep more? We all know that with the colder weather and shorter days, the tendency to feel fatigued and want to Read More »

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