Modified Citrus Pectin Can Help Almost Any Cancer

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The supplement Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) can be used as a therapy for cancer because of its unique ability to halt the destructruction caused by a “rogue protein” called Galectin-3.

The Benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin in Cancer Treatment


Q and A with Dr. Isaac Eliaz: 



Modified Citrus Pectin is a supplement that we can take, at any time, and if nothing else, it helps boost our immune system. How do we know if it’s something that be used as a therapy for a cancer? Does it depend on the type of cancer a person has? How do you go about deciding whether or not that can be a therapy for it? 


Dr. Eliaz: 

The Galectin-3 molecule is present in almost every kind of cancer. And that’s why the researched form of modified citrus pectin is beneficial in almost every kind of cancer—stopping tumor formation, growth and metastasis. 


The most recent double-blind clinical study in biochemically relapsed prostate cancer showed modified citrus pectin reduced disease progression in the majority of subjects. We have also published a number of other papers showing the benefits of modified citrus pectin not just in prostate cancer, but in numerous other types of cancer. In early stages and in advanced stages 


And because of its ability to halt and reverse the inflammatory and fibrotic damage done by Galectin-3, this modified citrus pectin becomes much more important in the treatment of cancer—and in the treatment of other deadly conditions like cardiovascular disease, which are also driven by Galectin-3. 


Because let’s say somebody has a certain cancer, and they get radiation therapy. The cancer was eliminated, hopefully. But, for the next 3-5 years, they are going to produce chronic inflammation post-radiation, and get post-radiation fibrosis with terrible side effects. The researched form of modified citrus pectin can reduce or eliminate the fibrosis, based on one of its very basic mechanisms: The ability to bind and block Galectin-3. 


So you can see now the benefits of modified citrus pectin in cancer are not just for treatment, and not just for prevention of metastasis—but also for the prevention of side effects. 


More than this, there are also very good studies showing that modified citrus pectin enhances the therapeutic effects of radiation, as well as multiple chemotherapeutic drugs. And it also enhances the effects of other formulas and supplements. We have shown a synergistic effect between our modified citrus pectin and our prostate cellular health formula, and between modified citrus pectin and the breast cellular health formula that I developed. It is also shown to work synergistically with pure honokiol, a highly active extract purified from Magnolia bark, that has numerous anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. 


Because of its multitude of protective benefits, including immune support, detoxification, and other important actions, this researched form of modified citrus pectin is highly regarded as a powerful therapeutic agent for protecting and promoting long-term health on the cellular level. 

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