“Obesogens” and More: 7 Reasons Your Body Needs a Clean-Slate Detox

“Obesogens” and More: 7 Reasons Your Body Needs a Clean-Slate Detox

From holiday treats to New Year’s Eve toasts to all the stressors of the Winter season, most of us start the year overloaded. To experience your best health, you need to give your body a clean slate—and that means removing the buildup of harmful chemicals and toxins that accumulate over time.


Here are the top 7 reasons your body needs a clean-slate detox.


1. Clear out all the sugar, gluten, and dairy

Cold weather brings cravings for extra carbs, and that often translates into refined sugars and processed foods. These foods trigger extreme blood glucose and insulin spikes, along with increasing inflammation and promoting oxidative stress.1 Those effects can damage organs– including your brain–and cause dozens of disease states.


Gluten and dairy proteins also act like toxins in your body (even if you don’t have full-blown food intolerances). That’s why you feel off after eating foods like lasagna and cheesecake.


2. Lose Winter Weight More Easily

Toxins make you gain and hold on to extra weight2— that’s why many toxins are actually called “obesogens.” These chemical compounds disrupt your metabolism, so you gain weight even when you’re eating normally, and sometimes even when you cut calories. They can also affect your hormones, including the ones that make you feel hungry or full.


Obesogens are tough to avoid because they’re in tap water, some foods, and tons of products, including:3


·       Shampoos

·       Soaps

·       Deodorants

·       Household cleaners

·       Mattresses

·       Food and beverage containers

·       Pesticides and weed killers


Detoxing helps clear out those obesogens, making it much easier to lose winter weight… and keep it off.


3. Get a Clean Energy Boost

Toxins can slow you down, and make you feel tired and worn out. In fact, studies have found direct links between exposure to toxins and chronic fatigue.4 When toxins build up, they can drain you of the crucial nutrients your body needs to produce energy. Plus, they can also interfere with energy production and management. That leaves you feeling exhausted and low on energy, even if you’re getting plenty of sleep.


Supporting your body’s own detox functions helps remove those toxins more easily and thoroughly. And without the extra toxin toll, you’ll feel rejuvenated and energized.


4. Restore Your Immune System

When your body is full of toxins, your immune system has to work overtime. Its natural response to threats is to react, and that means sending out inflammatory compounds and antibodies. That constant reaction can leave you with chronic inflammation5 — a leading cause of serious diseases like cancer. Plus, if your immune system is tied up fighting toxins, what will protect you when regular cold and flu viruses attack?6


Detoxing gives your immune system a chance to relax and reboot, so it’s ready when you really need it and calm when you don’t.


5. Think Sharper and Faster

Brain fog – confusion, memory problems, slowed thinking – often indicates toxin overload.7 Toxins cause inflammation and oxidative stress, and they can also rob your body of essential nutrients, including the ones your brain needs to function at full speed. And while environmental toxins (like lead and mercury) can create brain fog, refined sugar does just as much – maybe more – damage. Research shows that high sugar intake impairs memory and cognition.9


Luckily, clearing out toxins can restore your total brainpower. You’ll be able to think more clearly, learn more quickly, and remember whatever you need to know. 


6. Enjoy Better Moods

Toxic inflammation and oxidative stress doesn’t just affect your brainpower – it also causes mood disorders like depression and anxiety. New research highlights the many links between environmental toxins (like air pollution, pesticides, and heavy metals) and mental health problems. These compounds can make you feel sad, irritable, scared, and even suicidal because of their many negative effects on your brain.


Giving your body the tools it needs – from super nutrients to supplemental detox support – to remove those harmful compounds will help brighten your mood and calm your worries.


7. Face the World with Clearer, Brighter Skin 

Toxins on the inside can affect the way you look on the outside. They can make your skin look dull and ashen, and even cause breakouts and rashes. What makes matters even worse: Many personal care products that are supposed to be used directly on your skin – like makeup, lotion, and soap – contain toxins, so your skin gets hit with toxins inside and out.


Detoxing lets you present your best face to the world as it helps clear up any annoying acne or itchy rashes that have been plaguing you.


Start the New Year with a Clean-Slate Detox

A comprehensive detox program can take your health, energy, and brainpower up to the next level… if you do it the right way.


Gentle detoxing supplements like clinically proven modified citrus pectin (MCP) and alginate, for example, support your body’s own natural detox system. In fact, this combo offers benefits to every cell and tissue in your body, according to a fast-growing body of scientific studies. It even helps repair damage caused by toxins, so you get a clean slate that’s in great shape.


The truth is, detox has become a major marketing buzzword, with lots of unreliable companies offering questionable products and methods that may do more harm than good. Above all, it’s important to create the foundation for a successful detox program, by using safe and gentle, yet highly effective detox methods such as modified citrus pectin, and proceeding at a pace that your body—and lifestyle—can handle. With the right support, detoxification can offer extensive long-term benefits for overall health and vitality.



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