Surviving Prostate Cancer: Charlie Rice’s Story – VIDEO

Surviving Prostate Cancer: Charlie Rice’s Story – VIDEO

Charlie Rice, a Vietnam veteran, says, “It’s not over until it’s over;” and he has lived his life to prove it. As a young man, he fought for his country and as a firefighter for many years he served his community. His next battle was prostate cancer. He felt quite rejected by the traditional medical establishment and searched far and wide to take measures to fight his cancer. He changed his lifestyle and his diet, but still his PSA was creeping up. He was introduced to Dr. Eliaz who found that an old injury in Vietnam was the missing piece that needed to be addressed.

Part One

Part Two

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  1. Leon Shearer at 3:22 pm

    I was diagnosed with advanced prostrate cancer in Feb 2011. Charlie Rice’s story is of deep interest to me and I can relate in several ways. I live in southern California, but I am very interested in traveling to Santa Rosa and meeting with Dr Eliaz.

    I would appreciate your response.
    Thanks so much,
    Leon Shearer

  2. Sam at 1:15 pm

    I am 55 years old. Diagnosed with prostrate cancer just over a year ago. PSa at the time was 6.5. Biopsy showed 5 percent non aggressive cancer. Took antibiotics. Next psa reading (July 2012) was 1.79.
    Since then readings have increased slightly. Oct 2012 – 2.06 Fe 2013 2.12 Aug 2013 2.65.
    Doctors wants to remove prostrate. I wont allow this yet until reading gets too high. Am having another biopsy in a couple of weeks to see if cancer has spread.
    Should I consider some sort of surgery?

  3. Staff at 1:19 pm

    Thank you for your questions. We are not able to offer any medical advice to those writing in. Dr. Eliaz does have a clinical practice in Santa Rosa where he sees patients from all over the world. He would need to see you in his office as a new patient in order to offer you any specific medical advice regarding your current decisions. He is not able to give advice via phone. You are welcome to call his office at 707-542-5900 and visit the clinic website to find out more information. A second opinion is always a good idea when you have big treatment decisions to make. All the best, staff