Today, doctors, scientists and patients fighting breast cancer are seeing progress in treating and defeating this all-too-common illness: Overall, survival rates are increasing and innovative research continues to refine improvements in treatment, prevention and care. However, in younger women under the age of 40, a new report suggests that incidence rates are climbing —  slowly but steadily. This younger group of breast cancer patients is particularly vulnerable, showing more aggressive forms of the disease and the lowest five year survival rates for this type of cancer. Biochemical processes in younger women, combined with late detection of the cancer, may be partly responsible for such relatively poor prognoses.

However, research, education and the accessibility of safer screening methods such as thermography are increasing. These targeted advancements aim to support women of all ages in effective breast cancer prevention efforts and long term health management. Of particular note is the research pointing to an anti-oxidant rich diet, regular exercise and weight management, and specific botanical and nutritional compounds – all of which work to prevent and fight breast cancer through multiple mechanisms of action.

As an integrative physician specializing in the holistic prevention and treatment of breast cancer, I’ve developed a comprehensive, scientifically researched botanical and nutritional formula to strategically address breast health issues. Three peer-reviewed studies from Indiana University demonstrated the powerful anti-cancer and anti-metastasis effects of this unique formula, including one showing that, when combined with Modified Citrus Pectin, the anti-cancer benefits of the breast formula increased synergistically.

Last month, Prevention Magazine wrote about this remarkable formula, highlighting the most recent published study which showed the formula decreased aggressive breast cancer growth and metastasis significantly, safely with no toxicity. To read health journalist Leah Zurbe’s piece in the February 2013 issue of Prevention Magazine, titled “A Natural Way to Halt Hard to Treat Breast Cancer”, click here.

In my practice, I recommend this integrative breast formula together with other targeted natural compounds and ingredients to support overall health while preventing and fighting breast cancer from multiple angles. Together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, these approaches can:

  • support a strong immune system
  • control inflammation
  • balance hormones
  • support healthy cellular behavior
  • maintain DNA integrity
  • detoxify the body

These are crucial factors in maintaining breast health and general wellness over the long term. 

To learn more about my integrative breast formula, click here. And for more in-depth information, download my comprehensive wellness guide about integrative approaches to treating and preventing breast cancer here. I encourage you to share this information with anyone you know who has concerns about breast health or is actively fighting breast issues. This area of health deserves the utmost care, regardless of factors such as age, family history or genetics.

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Best of Health, 

Dr. Isaac Eliaz