Tibetan Herbal Formula Can Prevent Root Canals

When we don’t control harmful bacteria in the mouth, these health-robbing microbes can migrate and wreak havoc throughout the body. Gingivitis (gum disease) and its more advanced form, periodontitis, are already implicated in life threatening illness such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Now, research expands on these connections by showing a direct link between poor oral health and cancer. Specifically, pathogenic bacteria from the mouth suppress immunity, spread infection, fuel chronic inflammation and may even trigger harmful cell mutations.

In addition to good oral hygiene and regular dental exams, there are some powerful ways to address oral health and reduce your risk of cancer and chronic illness. Specifically, a select group of natural therapies are shown in multiple peer reviewed studies to actively fight bacterial infections and cancer, while offering a number of additional health benefits.

In this upcoming live webinar “Brush Up: How Good Oral Hygiene Can Prevent Cancer”, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, integrative health expert, discusses the latest published studies linking poor oral health to an increase in cancer risk and development. He will also cover the strategic application of several natural supplements proven to:

  • help protect against gingivitis/periodontitis
  • reduce inflammation
  • boost immunity
  • enhance overall health and vitality

This not to be missed talk will also provide solutions for gentle, total-body detoxification of mercury and toxic metals from amalgam fillings. New diagnostic tests, in addition to specific protocols and ingredient dosages will be provided.

It is estimated that millions more people in America visit a dentist rather than a primary care doctor. We all know why: tooth pain simply can’t be ignored. But what most people don’t realize, is that these dental visits can do more than fix a painful situation; they may also help prevent a life-threatening illness such as cancer. In the upcoming webinar, Dr. Eliaz will share the how and why of this critical connection, and the best ways to address these issues for long term health and wellness.

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