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From cancer treatment and prevention, to safe and effective chelation, immune health and more, Dr. Eliaz’s comprehensive, integrative protocols effectively address our most pressing health concerns. With over three decades of clinical and research experience, and extensive training across diverse modalities, Dr. Eliaz offers an unparalleled approach to health that combines the wisdom of traditional healing with groundbreaking science that is transforming modern medicine today.

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As a formulator, researcher and integrative medicine expert, Dr. Eliaz has dedicated more than thirty years to developing natural solutions that safely and effectively address our most critical areas of health. His formulas and preparations are studied at renowned institutes including Harvard, Columbia, and others. Published results continue to demonstrate significant benefits and unique mechanisms in support of healthy cellular behavior, immune activity, organ function, neurological health, successful aging and much more. Learn more about these innovative formulas and ingredients for long-term health and vitality.

Science & Research

Stay current with published studies that are breaking new ground in integrative medicine. As the momentum builds, research scientists continue to unravel the complex mechanisms driving aging and disease, highlight new therapeutic targets, and point to innovative solutions for addressing complex, chronic conditions.

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