Integrative Medicine’s Perspective on Dental Health

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 | 3 comments

Integrative Medicine’s Perspective on Dental Health

Natural Solutions for Dental Health Issues

Extracting a tooth with a problematic (infected) root canal is not a simple solution, as it can destabilize the bite, not to mention the cost of extraction and reconstructive surgery. There is also research showing that unresolved dental issues can cause serious health problems, and issues with long-term, low grade infection.

With these issues in mind, preventing root canal procedures is of great importance. The good news is, there is an advanced Tibetan botanical formula with over 30 years of published clinical research, which can offer significant help in fighting dental infections and inflammation at the root, as well as supporting numerous other areas of health.

Tibetan Formula with Over 35 Years of Published Research

This Tibetan botanical formula is one of the most highly researched natural formulas available. Study after study shows it to be effective in fighting infection, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, and improving cardiovascular and circulatory health. In 2007, yet another scientific study was published that demonstrated the ability of this Tibetan botanical formula to substantially reduce the need for root canals in patients with symptoms consistent with inflammation of the root (pulpitis). While studies are important, there is nothing like personal experience to convince us of effectiveness.

In my case, my family was leaving town for the holidays when one of my family members came down with symptoms that indicated pulpitis. They were experiencing significant/constant pain accompanied by severe sensitivity to cold, heat and sweet foods; and the pain was getting worse. As we were heading to the airport, we stopped by my clinic for a box of the Tibetan formula. Within 24 hours of starting the formula, the pain started to subside, and after three days it was gone completely.

Find a Biological Dentist

How can a simple herbal formula at low dosages have such a profound effect? It is due to its extensively researched properties of reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system and supporting circulation. If you decide to try this Tibetan formula for acute or chronic dental issues, be sure to consult with a knowledgeable dentist regarding any potential infections or chronic dental problems such as peridontitis, which can dramatically affect overall long term health. Overall, if you are concerned about a problem tooth or root canal, try to visit a holistic or biological dentist who can help address the connections between dental health and overall health, and who will be able to work as a team with a holistic or integrative practitioner to support your optimal recovery and long term wellness.

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  2. Where can I purchase the Tibetan Herbal Formula that Dr. Eliaz recommends?

  3. Where can I purchase the Tibetan Herbal Formula that Dr. Eliaz recommends?

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