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Protect Your Health from GMOs – Easy Health Options October 2012

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 | 0 comments

Protect Your Health from GMOs – Easy Health Options October 2012

Today, it is estimated that 70 percent of foods found in grocery stores may contain bioengineered GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients. That means the genetic material of these foods has been altered by inserting foreign DNA from other plants or animals, even chemical pesticides. Dubbed “Frankenfoods” by GMO opponents, this process drastically changes the plant or animal genome from what nature intended into a large-scale biotech experiment. The problem is that we know very little at best about the long-term effects of GMO foods on human and animal health, farming and the environment. But preliminary studies show great cause for concern. In the U.S., GMOs don’t have to be labeled on packaging. This keeps consumers unaware of their increasing presence in the grocery aisle. But this November, California voters will make history with the first mandatory GMO labeling initiative, Proposition 37. If passed, the law will require the labeling of all GMO foods sold to consumers in California. The European Union, Australia, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic and South Korea have already adopted such measures. These governments recognize the importance of giving people the choice regarding whether they consume biotech industry experiments or natural whole foods.

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