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Israel Retreat – November 5th – 8th, 2014




We are pleased to announce Dr. Isaac Eliaz’s
4 day, 3 night Meditation and Healing retreat in Israel, November 5th – 8th.

Location: Teva Beyechiam in Kibbutz, Yehiam (near Naharia).

Space is Limited.

Click here to register today!
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The retreat is sponsored by Amitabha Wellness Foundation and is offered by Dr. Eliaz on a volunteer basis in order to lower costs.
Clickhere to register today!

For details contact:

Asafa –  052-555-8184
Ziv –  052-242-7487
Avi –  052-299-3586

Warmest Wishes,

Dr. Eliaz Staff

Instructions for an Elimination Diet

Instructions for an Elimination Diet


By following an “Elimination Diet”, you may be able to identify foods that trigger certain symptoms including joint pain, skin rashes, headaches and much more.  Here’s how to get started.  (more…)

Time for a Spring Cleanse

Time for a Spring Cleanse

Effective, Natural Detoxification and Chelation

Find out how you can get the upper hand against this frightening modern epidemic…

From time to time, media headlines will warn of the dangers of mercury or lead poisoning. However, many heavy metals, including mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum, are poisonous to your health and longevity—and chances are good that you encounter all of them on a daily basis.


Breast Cancer Increasing in Younger Women: News, Research and Strategies for Prevention

Breast Cancer Increasing in Younger Women: News, Research and Strategies for Prevention

Today, doctors, scientists and patients fighting breast cancer are seeing progress in treating and defeating this all-too-common illness: Overall, survival rates are increasing and innovative research continues to refine improvements in treatment, prevention and care. However, in younger women under the age of 40, a new report suggests that incidence rates are climbing —  slowly but steadily. This younger group of breast cancer patients is particularly vulnerable, showing more aggressive forms of the disease and the lowest five year survival rates for this type of cancer. Biochemical processes in younger women, combined with late detection of the cancer, may be partly responsible for such relatively poor prognoses.

However, research, education and the accessibility of safer screening methods such as thermography are increasing. These targeted advancements aim to support women of all ages in effective breast cancer prevention efforts and long term health management. (more…)

How Good Oral Hygiene Can Prevent Cancer

How Good Oral Hygiene Can Prevent Cancer

Tibetan Herbal Formula Can Prevent Root Canals

When we don’t control harmful bacteria in the mouth, these health-robbing microbes can migrate and wreak havoc throughout the body. Gingivitis (gum disease) and its more advanced form, periodontitis, are already implicated in life threatening illness such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Now, research expands on these connections by showing a direct link between poor oral health and cancer. Specifically, pathogenic bacteria from the mouth suppress immunity, spread infection, fuel chronic inflammation and may even trigger harmful cell mutations. (more…)

Music: The Language of Healing

Music: The Language of Healing

Music: The Language of Healing

Music is a universal language. That’s because rhythm and harmony are more than musical elements – they are the energetic foundation of life, nature, our universe. Their vibrations have the power to expand the heart, transform the mind and heal. In fact, music is the earliest form of medicine, dating back tens of thousands of years to the first shamanic drums and songs. Today, song-healings are practiced throughout the world as more health seekers learn that singing, playing an instrument or listening to certain music can bring deep healing, peace of mind, spiritual growth and a greater connection to nature. (more…)

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